Sexy Holiday Gifts For Her

The holidays are a great time to get something sexy and intimate for your woman. Intimacy gifts can come in many packages, and here are some obvious and not so obvious choices for sexy gift ideas:

1. Lingerie. Of course lingerie is always a big winner when it comes to a sexy holiday gift. The downside is that it’s not incredibly original, and is rather obvious as a sexy gift idea. Nevertheless it’s an easy choice and can work well.

2. Sex toys. This includes lotions, creams, oils, deserts, lubricants, and many other choices. Women are known to throw “sex toy parties” where the girls get together and similar to a tupperware party, someone brings an assortment of sex toys that they sell. If you hear of a friends girlfriend attending such a party over the holidays, an easy out in getting a sex toy as a present can be having your friends girlfriend pick up an assortment of items for you. Of course the personal touch would be finding a sex toy store and picking out items you think would work best yourself.

3. A sexually intimate holiday evening as a gift. This can be the most memorable and original gift idea. Planning a special night out followed with a very intimate holiday night alone together can be the most ideal sexy holiday gift you can give her. Your night of intimacy should be filled with new and exciting sexual intimacy techniques and tricks, that you haven’t practiced before. Preparing yourself by studying a lovemaking manual which includes hundreds of tips, tricks, and techniques is very important in making it a memorable night, and a memorable gift. And, you could make the lovemaking book a gift for the both of you. It will literally be a gift that can keep on giving, during the holidays and beyond!

Better Sex With Games for the Ho-Ho-Holidays

December is host to more celebratory events than one can throw a stick at. There’s copious amounts of food, plenty of company – and the opportunity for better sex for many. That last one may not always be at the top of everybody’s list, but in fact the holidays are an excellent time for exploring new sex games with one’s partner. Men who have taken proper care to maintain penis health throughout the year may find the holidays are the perfect time to add some fun and sparkle to their bedroom routine.

Sex games are fun at any time of the year and can often jumpstart a relationship that has become a little ho-ho-hum, thereby leading to better sex. With that in mind, couples may want to consider incorporating some appropriately-themed sex games into the holidays. Some suggestions follow, but couples should feel free to let their imaginations roam wide and come up with their own celebratory games.

Trim the Tree. For the couple that has never experimented with pubic shaving, this is an excellent opportunity. The partners can discuss what they would like – a full shave, a light trim, or perhaps shaving the hair into a star or candle pattern. Then, together the partners can take turns shaving each other – carefully, of course. (Definitely not a good idea to handle a razor or scissors after too much eggnog consumption!)

Deck the Balls. Balls get hung on the tree every year; men already come hung, but their equipment might need a little decorating. A guy should invite his partner to indulge her creative bent on his testicles. Some well-applied body paint is an easy way to start, and can change those balls into an explosion of color. Another option: Dispense with the traditional penis ring but do use some colorful ribbon to create the same effect.

Make It Out of Clay. The dreidel song famously sings of the toy being made of clay; why stop with the dreidel, though? A safe and appropriate polymer clay can be spread over a man’s penis to create a clay replica. The clay can also be used to provide a clay version of a woman’s breasts or of the buttocks of either partner.

Naughty or Nice. Cosplay is often an excellent way to add spice to a relationship. One of the partners may wish to dress up as Santa and then determine if the other partner has been naughty or nice. For some reason, naughty tends to win out more in this game – especially if the price for being naughty involves getting naked.

Good Things Come in Small Packages. The less-endowed male, as well as those of other proportions, might want to consider exploring a penis sleeve for some holiday cheer. Or perhaps this is the time to try some ribbed condoms, French ticklers or other toys that might add to the festivities.

Caroling Climax. The partners choose a recording of a favorite holiday song or songs. The goal is to try to time the couple’s climax to coincide with the end of the song (or songs). A variation can be to have each partner manually stimulate the other; the winner is the one who does not climax before the end of the piece.

Reasons Why Golf Holidays Are So Popular Today

When going for a holiday the main purpose of everyone is to relax. Often playing your favourite sport and working out is the best way to relax and enjoy. This is one reason why golf holidays are the most sought after and in demand holiday packages today.

If you think of golf, you will instantly picture men all geared up and dressed in their best Sunday casuals. You can imagine them swinging their golf clubs with all their might while also having their drink alongside it. However, today it is not just men but also women who have started taking interest in the game. Golf being an intriguing and an athletic game also applies strategy. This has attracted the interest of the female sex as unlike many other games it is not just brawn but also brain.

Thus today you will find many women planning their own golf tours and golf trips which allow them to have their cake and also eat it. If you look at it from the women’s point of view then you will want to know what is it that has attracted the attention of the female sex towards this traditionally male dominated sport.

One of the main reasons why women today take interest in planning golf holidays is because of the game itself. When choosing the holiday package they often opt for the Gold coast golf packages or the Sunshine coast golf as it offers the best golf courses around the world. They are avid golfers and hence as concerned about the condition of the green as any golfing professional.

Before choosing the package they take into consideration if the course is challenging or not. They also check if there are all the necessary amenities available like if there is restroom or no. They also check the ranking of the golf course before they consider the golfing package on offer.

The other very important aspect in choosing the package is to check the location of the golf course. The best golf courses are considered to be in countries like Scotland, Ireland, Australia and UK. The golf courses here are not only challenging and tricky but also among the best designed and well maintained.

Location is one of the major points to consider whenever planning a vacation, no matter whether it is a golf vacation or a general holiday. You need to take into consideration also the climate and the scenery and accordingly plan your trip.

The other very important factor to consider is of course the cost. You will have to take into consideration your budget before you go ahead and choose the destination and plan your holiday. Though the cost factor may be considered at last yet there is no denying the fact that it is the most important. Especially with women, when it comes to planning the holiday, it is not only the destination but also the price needs to be sensational.